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About Our Blog
Thomas Riggs & Company, Missoula, Montana

At Thomas Riggs & Co. we have a blog. But why? In our field, book development and publishing, a blog is neither essential nor common. What’s most important is producing good books. After all, without good products, we could talk all day long, and it wouldn’t matter.

But with the increasing importance of the Internet, times are changing. Publishing companies now have a real opportunity to engage with readers, as well as with other professionals in the field. We can talk about what interests us, what affects our work and future, and even our fears and concerns. By being honest and transparent we give others an easy way to get to know us. Readers can learn about our books and plans; potential employees, contractors, and writers can better judge if we are a good fit; and other publishing companies can see if we would be an appropriate developer of their products.

Our hope, too, is to become more involved in the greater discussion of publishing and literature on the Internet. We have our own niche and set of experiences to talk about. But we also look forward to hearing from others. If Thomas Riggs & Co. is going to be relevant in the coming Internet age, it will be because we embrace new technology and the advantages it offers, especially the interactive, democratic world of the Internet, where readers and publishers can share, as equals, ideas and possibilities for the future.

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